Robert T. David Sr. MS, LCAS-A

*National Gang Prevention and Intervention Lecturer 

*Master Certified Life Coach

*National Certified Gang Prevention and Intervention Specialist 

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                      "UNLEASH YOUR INNER BIGNESS"

    At-Risk Youth Consultant                              and                                     Staff Development

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Gangs vs. Kingdom!!!!!

*Presented at the National Gang Crime Research Center's National Training as Faith- Based Resource

*Featured on National Gang Center  Website/ Virginia News.

Gangs are sophisticated, production-oriented entities that operate under a perverted form of the Trinity. This book provides readers with an understanding of their motives and origins. Additionally, it explains in great detail that violent and deviant behaviors are simply the outward expression of a gang's commitment to their god - money. Gangs vs. Kingdom arms readers with weapons to prepare for spiritual battle as it reveals evidence-based strategies that can be implemented in any community. Prepare for Battle!

Available on Amazon in Paperback, Ebook or Audiobook 

For an Autographed copy click and order here!!

                           Stand Up and Breathe!!!

*Approved reading for Virginia Correctional facility Cognitive Community release preparation program.

*Substance  Abuse  and Peer Recovery  resource tool

Stand Up and Breathe is a book for any youth, whether young in age or young in thinking. The book maps out a simple common-sense process of recovering from any failure. 
If you have been knocked down, its time to Stand Up and Breathe!!!