About Robert

About Robert

From an early age, Robert David Sr. knew he was destined for something BIG. Though he didn’t know it growing up, David would become one of the most influential gang violence prevention and education officials in North Carolina. Leaning on his faith and relationship with God, David’s career has spanned two states and a number of roles including time spent as a probation and parole officer, co-founding North Carolina’s Richmond County Gang Task Force.

He later was a juvenile court counselor in Rockingham, North Carolina and established himself as a motivational speaker as well as a life and recovery coach. His captivating personality, ability to connect to people of all ages, but especially youth, has allowed him to positively impact every community he has been a part of and to create social change surrounding gang violence.  As an ordained minister David inspires individuals to reach the potential that God Himself calls them to achieve. He provides ministry, mentorship and is an advocate to as-risk youth, many of whom credit David for their success.

In his current role as Danville, Virginia’s Youth and Gang Violence and Prevention Coordinator, David serves as the point person as the city, non-profits and citizen groups come together to coordinate efforts to combat violence in the city. His experience with strategic planning and community development made him the ideal candidate to engage the different stakeholders and create change for Danville. He holds a number of degrees and licensures including his MA in both Addiction Counseling and Professional Counseling as well as his BA in Business Administration, and is a Nationally Certified Gang Intervention Specialist, Life Coach, Licensed Certified Addiction Counselor and North Carolina Department of Public Safety Certified Instructor and Fitness Instructor. David’s ‘Sir Bigness’ brand has landed him in Mr. Universe competitions and helped inspire others to reach the ‘Bigness,’ that lives inside of them.

David’s current project, Gangs vs. Kingdom, educates readers about gang culture in America, addresses the root cause of violence perpetrated by the social groups and proposes solutions rooted in morality and faith. This project marries his life’s work and passion with his faith and belief set. It is a powerful, smart read that is nearly impossible to put down once you start it. 

Education and Certification:

Nationally Certified Gang Intervention Specialist
Business Administration: BA
Professional Counseling: MS
Addiction Counseling:      MS
Masters Certified Life Coach
Licensed Certified Addiction Counselor
NC Dept of Public Safety Certified  Instructor