Training, Seminars, and Workshops:
-Youth/Student Groups
-Teachers/School Administrators/Education Districts and Systems
-Teacher and Staff In-Service Training Programs
-Community Colleges/Universities
-Parents/Child Welfare and Social Service Organizations
-Faith Based Communities
-Law Enforcement
-Juvenile and Adult Correctional and Detention Facilities
-Parole and Probation Systems
-Juvenile Justice and Criminal Justice System
-State and County Government Agencies/Organizations
-Small Business/Large Corporations
-Profit and Non-Profit Community Based Organizations 

Youth Violence and Gang Prevention: 

Robert's unique and individualize training is derived from his book "Stand up and Breathe, 4 Steps to Recover from Failure." It is based on the evidence based the theories of Stages of Change and Cognitive Behavioral Theory. The training will address the following:

-Understanding Faith based organizations part in gang intervention and prevention

-How to recover from failure or loses in life

-Understanding true realities of gang mentality, violence, and the criminal justice system

-Community gang prevention and intervention services  and strategies
-Peer pressure, true friends, and independent thinking and decision making
-Conflict resolution and anger management
-Understanding and valuing the diversity to everyone
-Overcoming hardships and adversity
-Knowledge of self through self assessment
-Self determination, personal growth, accountability, and goal setting
-Self esteem, leadership, and personal power
-Values, morals, and self respect
Immediate gratification vs. education, vocational skills, job, career, and future