Motivational Public Speaking

Robert is a very energetic motivational speaker who is passionate about helping young people with his own, influential life experiences at the center. Robert’s passion to empower the youth is grounded in the belief that assisting individuals to find their “Inner Bigness" can provide the individual with strength to “Get Up” after a failure. He brings a unique approach to the audience by combining his life experiences and positive principles in a way that the message is simple and relevant.

Gang Interventionist & Life Coach

Robert coaches young adolescents, teaching them to work towards goals that create a brighter future. Robert helps teenagers and preteens by collaborating with them to create “life maps” that facilitate personal success and life changes. This part of Robert’s program is perfect for young people who are susceptible to potential gang involvement. Robert is able to challenge the perspective of youth so they can grasp a consequential view of the effects of their behavior. Once a teen or preteen has completed Robert’s program, the students will be able to successfully maintain self-managing skills that demonstrate the conduct of law-abiding citizens within their local community.

Therapeutic Fitness

The therapeutic fitness service provides one on one and/or small group counseling and mentoring for adolescents and teenagers from ages 11 to 18 who are at risk of being in gang related activity and also children who are currently in the custody of Child Protective Services or Juvenile Probation. The therapeutic fitness program is also available to young people who suffer from various mental illnesses and substance abuse.